Placemat advertising in the Laurel Highlands

Placemat advertising in the laurel highlands

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Why Placemat Advertising? Placemats enhance advertising opportunities as it targets an audience during a time when they are in a relaxed, low pressure environment. Patrons usually wait ten to fifteen minutes for their food to arrive presenting a valuable advertising opportunity. While they are waiting they will be reading the ads on the placemat. Many are members of the community who visit the restaurant regularly. They will see your ad on the placemat each time allowing you to reach your target client in a very influential way. Even if they don’t have a need for your services today, your name will come to mind when they or someone they know, has a need for the services or product you provide.  Potential clients don’t have to do anything to learn your business exists except to read the placemat while waiting for their food. Multiply the hundreds of customers that frequent the restaurant each day by the period of time the mat runs and you have the potential to reach thousands at a cost that is less than 2 ads in a local newspaper.

 Scholar Promotions, Inc makes it easy for your business to generate results with Full Color Placemat Advertising. Once you've selected the appropriate restaurant or restaurants and purchased your ad space, our sales staff will take the following steps to get your ad running as quickly and effectively as possible 

You receive a Proof of Your Ad for approval...      

Next, we'll review a proof of your ad for accuracy. We'll check for spelling, review contact information and ensure there are no typographical errors. You give us final approval to ensure the ad meets your exact requirements and we're ready for print.

You Receive the Final Placemat in the Mail

     Finally, we print the Placemats. Depending on the location, your placemat ad will run from three to six months. Thousands of potential clients will see your ad providing you with increased exposure for your business!

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At Scholar Promotions, we offer some of the best local advertising your going to find, all at a very low cost per view.  To find out more about pricing and our coverage area, please give us a call to get in direct contact with our experienced sales reps and designers.